Vaccine Inequity

Uli Beisel, Richard Rottenburg

This project interrogates how fair access can be built into the design of vaccines and critically, their manufacturing processes.

Measuring Kinship – Negotiating Belonging

Christof Lammer, Tatjana Thelen

This project explores how measurements of kinship shape inequalities and marginalizations in negotiations of belonging.

Technoscapes in Africa

Richard Rottenburg, Siri Lamoureaux, Sung-Joon Park, Alena Thiel

This collaborative project examines the coproduction of technicisation and spatial orders across Africa by focusing on the interlacing of datafication and remote sensing into techno-scientific assemblages in the domains of health and environment.

Identification Technologies in Ghana

Alena Thiel, Richard Rottenburg

This project investigates the relation between recent innovations in the field of identification technologies and the production of key development indicators in Ghana.