Measuring Kinship – Negotiating Belonging

Christof Lammer, Tatjana Thelen

This project explores how measurements of kinship shape inequalities and marginalizations in negotiations of belonging.

Technicisation of Migration in Sudan

Timm Sureau

Focusing on South Sudanese refugees, this project inquires into the role of quantification and digitalization in humanitarian procedures of population management and in refugees’ attempts to navigate the resulting regulations.

An Ethnography of Programming

Timm Sureau

This project investigates the digitalizing of workflow procedures of German administrative bodies managing migration and asks how this process leads to transformations of bureaucratic sentiments.

Identification Technologies in Ghana

Alena Thiel, Richard Rottenburg

This project investigates the relation between recent innovations in the field of identification technologies and the production of key development indicators in Ghana.

Biometric Capitalism: Africa in the 21th century

Keith Breckenridge

This project examines the development of biometric identification and financialisation technologies on the African continent.

Science at the Ugandan Parliament

Kerry Holden

This project explores evidence regimes in parliamentary deliberations in Uganda and asks how new epistemic orders emerge to influence political decision-making.

Biometric Futures

Ursula Rao

This project traces the relevance of biometric technology for the re-making of bodies, populations and political subjects in contemporary India.

Evidences and Futures

Richard Rottenburg

This project investigates how evidence-making results in the attribution of accountability to legal persons and thereby does onto-epistemological work on the future.