Vaccine Inequity

Uli Beisel, Richard Rottenburg

This project interrogates how fair access can be built into the design of vaccines and critically, their manufacturing processes.

Mobilities, Socialities and Pandemics

Andrea Behrends

This project investigates the effects of the Covid-19 containment measures in several countries in Africa, Asia and North America.

Afterlives of Medical Research

Paul Wenzel Geissler

This project investigates on the practice of medical and natural sciences in Eastern Africa. It mainly focuses on relations between fieldworkers and their fields in different settings.

Toxic Exposure to Mould in Food

Konstantin Biehl

This project asks how lay people come to know and trust scientific evidence of otherwise unobservable toxicity and translate this knowledge into quests for accountability.

Inscriptions of body prostheses

Herbert Muyinda

This project examines the cultural, normative and political inscriptions of assistive devices for disabled bodies being more than technical replacements for the body.

Toxicity as Ethical Substance

Stacey Langwick

This project explores how reflection on and labor over the toxic have come to define both ethical subjects and emergent objects of knowledge and practice in East Africa.

Beyond Reliable Infrastructure

Peter Redfield

This project follows emerging forms of humanitarian design to inquire into the ethics and politics of interventions that seek to do good by saving lives.

Finance Matters in Humanitarian Aid

Susan Erikson

This project investigates venture investment in humanitarian aid financing. It looks at value and risk mediations in humanitarian data and financing mechanisms as anticipatory and speculative technologies of care.

A World without AIDS

Vinh-Kim Nguyen

This project examines how the efficacy of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV in trials has been proven and translated into African sites of implementation.

Vectors of Health

Luísa Reis Castro

This project investigates technologies for controlling mosquito-borne diseases as a window into science and public health policies in Brazil.