City: New York
Organiser: Abou Farman, Richard Rottenburg
Venue: New School for Social Research

This workshop is the second iteration of “Measure of Future Health.” The first took place in Berlin October 8-9, 2016. A series of papers from that workshop were selected to become part of a second conference, in which they will be revised and finalized for publication in a special issue of a peer reviewed journal. This second conference will be held in New York under the auspices of the New School for Social Research.

The theme proposed for the issue is “Measures of Future Health”, an inquiry into the metrics through which “future” and “health” are conjoined, and how this conjunction might open up new possibilities for thinking about well-being. On one level, it encompasses dominant debates about healthy futures in which the social and environmental conditions of the health of individual bodies and delineated populations are at stake. On another, it lends momentum to debates about the futures of health, such that the concept of health itself becomes expanded to incorporate not just human health and medicine, but its relation to climate, environment and non-human species, including the new wild life of geneticallymodified plants and animals, as well as data, nanobots and algorithms.