Fabian’s current research focuses on technologies and practices of credit risk assessment in the context of financial inclusion in East Africa. The guiding question is how knowledge of creditworthiness is organized when producing and using it as well as aggregating and regulating it. Recent innovation has produced new technologies of risk assessment that rely on Big Data (e.g. related to mobile phone use), ICT (automatized assessment, online with tablets), new calculation tools (credit scoring algorithms that produce automatic, seemingly non-judgemental financial classifications of persons) etc. Organizing this knowledge involves new procedures and practices ‘on the ground’, e.g. among microfinance providers who make this knowledge compatible with daily practice, but also regulations of commercial credit information providers (e.g. regarding confidentiality). The research aims to problematize how financial systems produce, classify and govern their financial citizens based on indications of trustworthiness different from those of the social system with which it interacts.