Anthropocene in the Humboldt Forum Berlin

Ralph Buchenhorst

This project probes how Latin American decolonial conceptions such as Buen Vivir are considered at the Humboldt Forum Berlin when dealing with objects and symbolic forms appropriated by colonial practices.

Political Ecology along the Nile

Enrico Ille

This project asks how different residents in Sudan’s most conflicted areas define what they ‘have’ around them, if and how it should be extracted and put to use, and who should be allowed to do that.

Living in a forest landscape

Laura Matt

This project engages with different readings of the Northern Sierra Leonean landscape by examining how farming, hunting and logging practices relate to scientific accounts of forest loss.

Sustaining Life and Ecology

David Kananizadeh

This project looks into human-forest entanglements in Sierra Leone by inquiring into the social and economic forms and moral dimensions of sustaining ecology, life and subjectivation.

Toxicity as Ethical Substance

Stacey Langwick

This project explores how reflection on and labor over the toxic have come to define both ethical subjects and emergent objects of knowledge and practice in East Africa.

Better Bananas

Sandra Calkins

In the face of Malthusian dystopias and their impetus to grow more and better food, this project focuses on biofortification, one recent high-tech agricultural solution for micronutrient deficiencies in Uganda.

Vectors of Health

Luísa Reis Castro

This project investigates technologies for controlling mosquito-borne diseases as a window into science and public health policies in Brazil.