The haunting of colonialism

Fazil Moradi

This study examines the future inscribed into the restitution of artworks originating from the Kingdom of Benin and asks how current articulations of provenance research retain colonial technologies.

Technicisation of Migration in Sudan

Timm Sureau

Focusing on South Sudanese refugees, this project inquires into the role of quantification and digitalization in humanitarian procedures of population management and in refugees’ attempts to navigate the resulting regulations.

Responsibility in an Entangled World

Julia Eckert

This project explores the temporal and spatial dimensions of conflicting narratives of responsibility. It focuses on the mobilization of “causality” in different legal fields and on civic acts of helping.

An Inquiry into Denial

Stefanie Bognitz

This project examines modes of denial by focusing on practices such as ignoring or refuting critical information and modes of knowing. It asks how far denial serves to maintain given modes of existence that are easier to sustain.

The Emergence of Global Taxpayers

Johanna Mugler

This project explores transnational legal and fiscal expert networks and the organisational environments in which they negotiate international tax norms, rules and standards for an increasingly digitalized global economy.

Legal Pluralism and Resource Extraction

Bertram Turner

This project analyzes the plural legal configurations of argan oil production in Morocco as scalar arrangements in which lawmaking interacts with sciences, technology and other knowledge regimes.