Regional Autonomy in Sudan

Philippe Gout

This project analyzes the legal implications of the peace negotiations between the Sudanese federal government and the two factions of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N).

Care, State and Measuring Kinship

Tatjana Thelen

This project inquires the entanglement of care, state and kinship by exploring how kinship measurements are used as state practices to attest care obligations.

An Ethnography of Programming

Timm Sureau

This project investigates the digitalizing of workflow procedures of German administrative bodies managing migration and asks how this process leads to transformations of bureaucratic sentiments.

Building Research Capacity

Daniele Cantini

This project explores the relationship between research training, scholarly mobility, career paths and social science knowledge production in the Arab region.

Performing State Boundaries

Christof Lammer

This project investigates the performance of state boundaries in rural development projects and policies in Sichuan Province, China.

Responsibility in an Entangled World

Julia Eckert

This project explores the temporal and spatial dimensions of conflicting narratives of responsibility. It focuses on the mobilization of “causality” in different legal fields and on civic acts of helping.

Biometric Capitalism: Africa in the 21th century

Keith Breckenridge

This project examines the development of biometric identification and financialisation technologies on the African continent.

Secularism, Higher Education, and the State in Chad

Remadji Hoinathy

This project examines how secularism is negotiated in higher education institutions in Chad amidst a growing importance of religious actors in this milieu.

Bordering Europe

Margarita Lipatova

This project examines the complex forms of mobility control exercised on the external borders of the European Union, specifically, at the Greek borders.

Contested History in the Face of Violent Pasts

Ralph Buchenhorst

This project scrutinizes European memory sites to inquire how memory and remembrance are institutionalized in national as well as European identity politics.

Conflict Resolution in Sudan

Guma Kunda Komey

This collaborative action-oriented research project between the Centre for Peace and Development Studies, the University of Bahri, and the Carter Center focuses on grassroots communal peacebuilding mechanisms.

The Emergence of Global Taxpayers

Johanna Mugler

This project explores transnational legal and fiscal expert networks and the organisational environments in which they negotiate international tax norms, rules and standards for an increasingly digitalized global economy.

Biometric Futures

Ursula Rao

This project traces the relevance of biometric technology for the re-making of bodies, populations and political subjects in contemporary India.

Nuba Mountains Studies

Richard Rottenburg, Enrico Ille, Siri Lamoureaux, Guma Kunda Komey

This Working Paper Series provides a platform for the publication of research on the Nuba Mountain region.