Life Lived off the Grid

Eva Riedke

The project follows solar off grid products – from their design to their use – and explores how these become the object of negotiation about how people should achieve or lead a good, prosperous, healthy and just life.

Technoscapes in Africa

Richard Rottenburg, Siri Lamoureaux, Sung-Joon Park, Alena Thiel

This collaborative project examines the coproduction of technicisation and spatial orders across Africa by focusing on the interlacing of datafication and remote sensing into techno-scientific assemblages in the domains of health and environment.

Visualizing the electromagnetic spectrum

Siri Lamoureaux

This project explores how spatial and terrestrial scientific objects are identified, categorized and made actionable by scholars, technicians, the sensory media technology itself and the larger community of stakeholders.

Civil Drones in Africa

René Umlauf

Based on the increasing use of civil drones, this project examines new spatial formats that emerge through the development, testing and translation of new technical infrastructures in Africa.

Identification Technologies in Ghana

Alena Thiel, Richard Rottenburg

This project investigates the relation between recent innovations in the field of identification technologies and the production of key development indicators in Ghana.

Inscriptions of body prostheses

Herbert Muyinda

This project examines the cultural, normative and political inscriptions of assistive devices for disabled bodies being more than technical replacements for the body.

Beyond Reliable Infrastructure

Peter Redfield

This project follows emerging forms of humanitarian design to inquire into the ethics and politics of interventions that seek to do good by saving lives.

Curriculum Development

Richard Rottenburg, René Umlauf, Herbert Muyinda, Keith Breckenridge

A major goal of this project is the publication of an open access series of edited volumes with case studies examining social transformations where science and technology play an important role in African contexts.

Finance Matters in Humanitarian Aid

Susan Erikson

This project investigates venture investment in humanitarian aid financing. It looks at value and risk mediations in humanitarian data and financing mechanisms as anticipatory and speculative technologies of care.