The haunting of colonialism

Fazil Moradi

This study examines the future inscribed into the restitution of artworks originating from the Kingdom of Benin and asks how current articulations of provenance research retain colonial technologies.

Anthropocene in the Humboldt Forum Berlin

Ralph Buchenhorst

This project probes how Latin American decolonial conceptions such as Buen Vivir are considered at the Humboldt Forum Berlin when dealing with objects and symbolic forms appropriated by colonial practices.

An Inquiry into Denial

Stefanie Bognitz

This project examines modes of denial by focusing on practices such as ignoring or refuting critical information and modes of knowing. It asks how far denial serves to maintain given modes of existence that are easier to sustain.

Contested History in the Face of Violent Pasts

Ralph Buchenhorst

This project scrutinizes European memory sites to inquire how memory and remembrance are institutionalized in national as well as European identity politics.