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Article or Chapter

  • Holden, Kerry, and Nele Jensen (2016) "From under the wheels of the juggernaut: global health networks, gold standards and the possibilities for social science critique." in Science as Culture 26 (1):124-132.
  • Holden, Kerry, and Aaron Van Klyton (2016) "Exploring the tensions and incongruities of Internet governance in Africa." in Government Information Quarterly 33 (4):736-745.

Article or Chapter

  • Holden, Kerry (2015) "Lamenting the golden age: love, labour and loss in the collective memory of scientists." in Science as Culture 24 (1):24-45.

Article or Chapter

  • Holden, Kerry, and David Demeritt (2008) "Democratising Science? The politics of promoting biomedicine in Singapore’s developmental state." in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 26 (1):68-86.