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Article or Chapter

  • Eckert, Julia (2016) "Does Evidence matter?" in Allegra Lab: Anthropology, Law, Art, World.
  • Eckert, Julia (2016) "Tugend, Recht und Moral: Tendenzen der Verantwortungszuschreibung." in Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 64 (2):246-257. →
  • Eckert, Julia (2016) "Beyond Agatha Christie: Relationality and critique in anthropological theory." in Anthropological Theory 16 (2-3):241-248. →

Article or Chapter

  • Eckert, Julia (2014) "Practice Movements: The Politics of Non-sovereign Power." in The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, 567-577 , edited by Donatella Della Porta and Mario Diani. Oxford; London: Oxford University Press. →
  • Eckert, Julia (2014) "What is the Context in Law in Context?" in Concepts of law : comparative, jurisprudential, and social science perspectives, 225-236 , edited by Sean Donlan and Lukas Heckendorn. Farnham: Ashgate.
  • Eckert, Julia (2014) "Preventive laws and the policing of the urban poor." in The persistence of poverty in India, 291-316 , edited by Nandini Gooptu and Jonathan Parry. New Delhi: Social Science Press.

Book or Edited Volume

  • Eckert, Julia, Brian Donahoe, Christian Strümpell, and Zerrin Ozlem Biner (2012) "Law against the State: Ethnographic Foray’s into Law’s Transformations." Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.