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Book or Edited Volume

  • Rao, Ursula, and Vijayankar Nair (eds.) (2019) "Aadhaar. Governing With Biometrics. (Special Issue)" in South Asia. Journal of South Asian Studies 42 (3).

Article or Chapter

Article or Chapter

  • Anjaria, Jonathan, and Ursula Rao (2014) "Talking back to the state. Citizens’ engagement after neoliberal reform in India." in Social Anthropologist 22(4): 410-427

Article or Chapter

  • Rao, Ursula, and Graham Greenleaf (2013) "Subverting ID from above and below. The uncertain shaping of India’s new instrument of governance." in Surveillance & Society 11(3): 287-300
  • Rao, Ursula (2013) "Tolerated Encroachment. Resettlement policies and the negotiation of the licit/illicit divide in an Indian metropolis." in Cultural Anthropology 28(4):760-779
  • Rao, Ursula (2013) "Biometric marginality. UID and the shaping of homeless identities in the city." in Economic and Political Weekly 48:1-7

Article or Chapter

  • Rao, Ursula (2010) "Making the global city. Urban citizenship at the margins of Delhi." in Ethnos 75(4):402-424
  • Rao, Ursula (2010) "Neoliberalism and the rewriting of the Indian leader." in American Ethnologist 37(4): 713-725