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  • Moradi, Fazil (2018) "Zirak Mira’s Feminicidal Assembly." in Culture Project: Art Feminism And Gender.
  • Lammer, Christof (2018) "Distancing the regulating state: corruption, transparency and the puzzle of personal relatedness in a food network in Sichuan." in Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development 47(3-4): 369-406. Special Issue "The Chinese State as Regulator."
  • Mugler, Johanna (2018) "The Empty Chairs. On the Tedious Constraints of Trans-local Research." in Anthroblog of the Institute for Social Anthropology at the University of Bern February 2018. →
  • Cantini, Daniele (in print) (2018) "Reforming universities in the Middle East – trends and contestations from Egypt and Jordan." in LATISS (Learning & Teaching).
  • Cantini, Daniele (2018) "Romantic versus Acceptable Love: Jordanian university students and their loving subjectivities." in Reinventing Love? Gender, Intimacy and Romance in the Arab World. , edited by Irene Maffi, Aymon Kreil and Corinne Fortier. Frankfurt: Peter Lang (Middle East, Social and Cultural Studies Series)
  • Moradi, Hawar and Fazil Moradi (2018) "Afrin måste ses som en viktig del i vår gemensamma mänsklighet." in Flamman
  • Moradi, Faraidoun and Fazil Moradi (2018) "Sverige bör inrätta mottagning för stridsgasskadade patienter." in Läkartidningen (Swedish medical journal)
  • Beisel, Uli, Sandra Calkins, and Richard Rottenburg (2018) "Divining, testing, and the problem of accountability." in HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 8 (1/2):109–113. →
  • Breckenridge, Keith (2018) "The Global Ambitions of the Biometric Anti-Bank : Net1, Lockin and the Technologies of African Financialization." in International Review of Applied Economics.
  • Cantini, Daniele (2018) "Intag al-Ma’rifa fi mustawa al-Doktorah fi al-Ulum al-Insaniyya wa al-Ijtima’iyya fi al-Jami’at al-Masriyya [Knowledge Production at the doctoral level in Humanities and Social Sciences at Egyptian Universities]." in Idafat: Al - Majalla al Arabiya Lel' Oloum al-Siyassiya 41-42: 13-30. →
  • Erikson, Susan (2018) "Cell Phones ≠ Self: An Analysis of the Big Data Detection and Containment Hypes of the 2014-2016 West African Ebola Pandemic." in Medical Anthropology Quarterly.
  • Bognitz, Stefanie (forthcoming) (2018) "Mediation undone: On disputing and decision-making of Komité z’Abunzi (Mediation Committees) in Rwanda." in On mediation , edited by Günther Schlee and Karl Härter. New York: Oxford: Berghahn.
  • Bognitz, Stefanie (forthcoming) (2018) "The legal laboratory in Rwanda: Experimentalization and Adaptation." in Normative spaces in Africa , edited by Kathrin Seidel and Hatem Elliesie. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Bognitz, Stefanie (forthcoming) (2018) "Dispute as critique." in Special Issue: Engaging Mediation, Conflict and Society , edited by Stefanie Bognitz.
  • Bognitz, Stefanie (in preparation) (2018) "The gendered work of practices in legal aid: Un/livable afterlives of widows of genocide in Rwanda." in Special Issue: Reframing Gender Variance, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , edited by Siri Lamoureaux & Richard Rottenburg.
  • Moradi, Fazil (2018) "Love and Feminicide in Kurdistan." in Culture Magazine 3 (2018):21-27. trans. by Nabz Samad.
  • Scholtes Fabian (forthcoming) (2018) "Transregional aspects of International Financial Regulation." in Handbook of Transregional Studies , edited by M. Middell. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Langwick, Stacey (2018) "Cultivating Vitality: A Photo Essay." in Anthropology News website, January 24, 2018. →
  • Langwick, Stacey (2018) "A Politics of Habitability: Plants, Healing and Sovereignty in a Toxic World." in Cultural Anthropology 33(3): 415-443.
  • Langwick, Stacey (forthcoming) (2018) "Healing in the Anthropocene." in The World Multiple: Politics of Knowing and Generating Entangled Worlds , edited by Keiichi Omura, Atsuro Morita, Shiho Satsuka and Grant Jun Otsuki. New York: Routledge.
  • Rao, Ursula (2018) "Biometric Bodies, or How to Make Fingerprinting Work in India." in Body & Society published online 19 June 2018. →
  • Thelen, Tatjana (2018) "Socialism: Marxist-Leninist-Maoist" in Encyclopedia of Anthropology , edited by Hilary Callan. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons →
  • Behrends, Andrea (2018) "On categorizing: the ‘doing’ and ‘undoing’ of refugees in the Chad-Sudan borderlands." in Vienna Working Papers in Ethnography No. 6 Vienna: University of Vienna.
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  • Rottenburg, Richard (2018) "Name und Benanntes. (Un)disziplinierte Verschiebungen." in What’s in a name – Wofür steht die Umbenennung der ehemaligen Deutschen Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde in eine Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie?
  • Umlauf, René (2018) "'Dormant parasites’: Testing beyond the Laboratory in Uganda’s Malaria Control Program." in Experimentation beyond the laboratory: new perspectives on technology in society, , edited by Ibo van de Poel and Lotte Alsveld. London, New York: Routledge.
  • Redfield, Peter (2018) "On Band-Aids and Magic Bullets." in Limn 9, Little Development Devices/Humanitarian Goods, , edited by Stephen J. Collier, Jamie Cross, Peter Redfield and Alice Street. →

Book or Edited Volume

  • Biehl, Konstantin (2018) "Knowledge on the Run: Epistemological Uncertainties in the Careers of Kenyan Long-Distance Runners." Working Paper Series DFG Priority Programme 1448: Adaptation and Creativity in Africa, Nr. 29. Leipzig and Halle. →
  • Lammer, Christof (2018) "Performing state boundaries: A stategraphy of citizen participation in China." Doctoral thesis, University of Vienna.
  • Lock, Margaret and Vinh-Kim Nguyen (eds.) (forthcoming) (2018) "An Anthropology of Biomedicine." London: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Cantini, Daniele (ed.) (2018) "al-Intag al-Ma’rifa fi al-Jami’at al-Masriyya [Knowledge Production at Egyptian Universities]." in Idafat: Al - Majalla al Arabiya Lel' Oloum al-Siyassiya [Idafat: the Arab Journal of Sociology] (special issue) 41-42, 140 pp. →
  • Cantini, Daniele (in print) (2018) "Knowledge Production at the postgraduate level in Egyptian public universities." Cairo/New York: American University in Cairo Press.
  • Bognitz, Stefanie (in preparation) (2018) "Promising access to justice: The everyday of legal aid and mediation in Rwanda." PhD thesis. Halle: Philosophical Faculty I, University of Halle.
  • Umlauf, René and Uli Beisel (forthcoming) (2018) "Outsourcing the Laboratory? Testing technologies for malaria and the push towards evidence-based diagnosis in Global Health." in Science as Culture.