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  • Moradi, Fazil (2019) "Turkish frozen chicken, eggs, and falling bombs on the Kurdistan Region." in NRT.
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  • Reis-Castro, Luísa (2019) "Histórias of Zika / Histórias de Zika" in Somatosphere
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Book or Edited Volume

  • McHardy, Julien, Oulimata Gueye and Richard Rottenburg (eds.) (forthcoming) (2019) "Digital Imaginaries."
  • Moradi, Fazil, and Richard Rottenburg, eds. (2019) "Tele-evidence - On the Translatability of Modernity's Violence." in Critical Studies 4 (Special Issue).
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  • Rao, Ursula, and Vijayankar Nair (eds.) (2019) "Aadhaar. Governing With Biometrics. (Special Issue)" in South Asia. Journal of South Asian Studies 42 (3).