Eva Riedke

Eva Riedke

Eva Riedke completed her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Mainz in 2017. The thesis with the title “Concerning issues: Making things political in Durban”, focused on ‘issue’ politics and processes of ‘issue-ification’ unfolding in Durban, South Africa. Pursuing an STS and pragmatist-inspired approach, she has been concerned with tracing specific trajectories of ‘issue-ification’ – in her case pertaining particularly to HIV/AIDS, development, service delivery and political violence in Durban. The larger argument she makes is that by tracing the articulation of ‘issues’, i.e. people’s efforts to address public matters of concern, prompts us to reconsider what we readily come to recognise as belonging to the ‘political’. The articulation of problematic entanglements – that actors and groups of actors are implicated in – frequently evades the sites we readily consider to be political.


Current position
Post Doctoral Researcher


Currently, she is working on turning her thesis into a book and re-writing individual chapters into articles. On a freelance basis, Eva is also working as a language and copy-editor for ‘to the point’ (www.to-the-point.org).


  • Riedke, Eva and Richard Rottenburg (2016) "Introduction." in The ordering power of narratives, Working Paper of the DFG Priority Programme 1448, Nr. 21, PP: 5-16. , edited by Riedke, Eva → https://lost-research-group.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/SPP1448_WP21_Riedke.pdf
  • Riedke, Eva (2015) "'You shouldn’t be seen talking to them!' - Accidental frontlines, building trust and coping with danger." in Civilisations 64. Special issue: "Field Research in Difficult Contexts: Hostile Settings Sensitive Topics, Taboos."