Welcome to the STS-Africa Network

The Network for Science and Technologies Studies in Africa (STS-Africa) connects scholars from all over the world working with Science and Technologies Studies on historic and present processes of techno-scientific innovation, governance and related processes of signification in Africa. It wants to create a space in particular for African scholars to strengthen their positions by using approaches from STS. By doing so the network does not only promote Science and Technology Studies in Africa, but rather enables encounters of STS and African scholars and issues, that, hopefully, also provoke a critique and decentering of contemporary STS and its Euro-American origins. Out of this critique STS-Africa generates tangible knowledge that might help to improve science and technology policy and practice in the region. STS-Africa is complementary to existing STS organizations but distinguished by its regional focus on Africa. As a scientific endeavor everybody working on issues relating to science and technology in Africa is welcomed to join the network.