Measuring Kinship – Negotiating Belonging

Christof Lammer, Tatjana Thelen

This project explores how measurements of kinship shape inequalities and marginalizations in negotiations of belonging.

Regional Autonomy in Sudan

Philippe Gout

This project analyzes the legal implications of the peace negotiations between the Sudanese federal government and the two factions of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N).

CAST (Care and State)

Tatjana Thelen

Rather than looking at care as responding to policies, CAST focuses on care as structuring state configurations. The shift of perspective allows to see the state evolving in care negotiation.

Building Research Capacity

Daniele Cantini

This project explores the relationship between research training, scholarly mobility, career paths and social science knowledge production in the Arab region.

Identification Technologies in Ghana

Alena Thiel, Richard Rottenburg

This project investigates the relation between recent innovations in the field of identification technologies and the production of key development indicators in Ghana.

Responsibility in an Entangled World

Julia Eckert

This project explores the temporal and spatial dimensions of conflicting narratives of responsibility. It focuses on the mobilization of “causality” in different legal fields and on civic acts of helping.

Biometric Capitalism: Africa in the 21th century

Keith Breckenridge

This project examines the development of biometric identification and financialisation technologies on the African continent.


Bertram Turner

This project analyzes the plural legal configurations of argan oil production in Morocco as scalar arrangements in which lawmaking interacts with sciences, technology and other knowledge regimes.