1 Science & Technology

Within this topos we inquire into two entwined forms of praxis that together aim at methodological evidence-making and technicisation. They drive towards a world in which selected processes do not require permanent human re-interpretation but become self-running. We focus on the ordering and stabilising, but also the disordering and destabilizing potentials of these praxes. We pay attention to how particular futures are thereby designed, engendered, prevented or contested.

Curated by Eva Riedke, Siri Lamoureaux, and Christoph Lammer


2 Ecology & Health

Within this topos we inquire into various ways of sustaining life on the damaged planet. This implies to ask how human and planetary health are imbricated in each other. We investigate how self-devouring economic growth, toxic residues and other forms of ruinations are being traced, evidenced and counter-acted upon.

Curated by David Kananizadeh, Luisa Reis Castro, Uli Beisel


3 Law & State

Within this topos, we ask how laws and norms shape institutions, structure forms of practice, and how they in turn are shaped by practices and other institutions. Laws, in particular, are key to modern statecraft because they assign responsibility. We examine how their various organisational concretisations and technologies are stabilised, challenged and transformed. Focusing on laws and norms also means asking how normative ideas of justice, equality, freedom, solidarity and predictability are referenced in this process.

Curated by Bertram Turner


4 Collaborative Work

Here we show all collaborative research activities that are also listed under the four topoi.


5 Completed

Here we show the finalized research and some of its results.