Adaptation and Creativity in Africa

Global Health / Infrastructuring / Nomosphere / State-Making Read More SPP 1448 Working Paper Series

Better Bananas for Ugandans

Global Health / Laboratories / Plants/Animals

Sandra Calkins

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Biometric Capitalism: Africa in the 21th century

Evidence / Infrastructuring / Nomosphere / State-Making

Keith Breckenridge

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Biometric Futures

Evidence / Infrastructuring / State-Making

Ursula Rao

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Bordering Europe. Resistance and governance in Greek refugee camps

Evidence / Infrastructuring / Nomosphere

Margarita Lipatova

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Digital Imaginaries

Evidence / Infrastructuring

Julien McHardy, Richard Rottenburg

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Eradication: the science and politics of a world without AIDS

Global Health / Infrastructuring / Laboratories

Vinh-Kim Nguyen

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Evidences and Futures


Richard Rottenburg

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Examples of science, technology and medicine beyond reliable infrastructure

Global Health / Infrastructuring / Laboratories

Peter Redfield

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Finance Matters: a study of venture investment in humanitarian aid financing

Evidence / Global Health / Infrastructuring

Susan Erikson

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How Democracies Know: Identification technologies and quantitative analyses of development in Ghana

Evidence / Global Health / Infrastructuring

Alena Thiel, Richard Rottenburg

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Kinship and Politics

Evidence / Nomosphere / State-Making

Tatjana Thelen

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Legal Orders in Motion

Infrastructuring / Nomosphere / State-Making

Philippe Gout

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Life Technologies – Keeping Disability in Check

Global Health / Infrastructuring

Herbert Muyinda

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Oil and Social Change in Niger and Chad

Infrastructuring / State-Making

Andrea Behrends

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Our Fellow Creatures

Evidence / Plants/Animals

Amy Field

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Evidence / Laboratories

Katharina Schramm

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The Emergence of Global Taxpayers

Evidence / Nomosphere / State-Making

Johanna Mugler

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Translations of Care in Changing Ecologies of Human-Forest-Relations in Sierra Leone

Global Health / Infrastructuring / Plants/Animals

David Kananizadeh

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Trust in Medicine After the EVD Epidemic

Global Health / Infrastructuring Read More

Vectors of Health

Global Health / Plants/Animals

Luísa Reis Castro

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Virtuous Language

Evidence / State-Making

Siri Lamoureaux

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