City: Berlin
Organiser: Ronn Müller
Day 1 How to write about Africa

On the first day we will focus on conceptual issues guided by the question “How to write about Africa?” We are happy that Danai Mupotsa, Lecturer in African Literature at Wits University (South Africa) who was a Mercator Fellow of the Priority Programme will lead us through the day. Danai proposed 4 texts to read in advance to ground the discussion. We have the text White by Dyer, A small place by Kincaid, The first chapter of Mudimbe’s Invention of Africa, and How to write about Africa by Wainaina. Danai kindly asks to prepare a page with comments and critique of the texts you read. Do not forget to prepare your own writing sample which you want to discuss at the workshop (max. 6 pages). The results and insights of this workshop day will be contribute to the round table on “Africa and the Arts” at the final SPP1448 conference in autumn 2016.

Day 2 Writing‐Sweatshop: One Day. One Text.

In this structured and effective writing session, you will write one text in one day; a chapter of your dissertation, a journal article, an essay, a lecture, a funding application… Starting from the blank page, you will have written a good draft by the end of the day. This tough but very rewarding writing day will be facilitated by Ingrid Scherübl (writing‐