Remadji’s project on “Secularism, Higher Education, and the State in Chad” examined the ongoing debates surrounding secularism in public higher education institutions. The project pays particular attention to the growing importance of religious actors in this milieu, which contradicts the state’s obligation to guarantee curricula free from religious influence. The aim of the study is to illuminate how secularism is perceived by contemporary Chadian intellectuals, religious leaders, and politicians. Additionally, the study addresses how common people perceive this milieu with its debates on secularism. Furthermore, the investigation asks whether private and informal institutions face similar conflicts. How is the debate over secularism filtered by local communities’ perceptions of violent extremism versus local ideas about the importance of living together peacefully? To what extent is the debate around secularism influenced by the mixed religious composition of the Chadian society? Does the debate differ between Catholic and Muslim campuses, students, or communities?

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