Herbert Muyinda

Herbert MuyindaFormer Member

Herbert Muyinda’s research centers on the bio-behavioral sciences, with a particular focus on work with vulnerable populations. He has previously done research on HIV/AIDS, drug stock-outs, mental illness, disability, and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as nutrition and early childhood development programs aimed at developing approaches to improve the nutrition of children under five in Ugandan rural areas. Herbert is now Chair of the Child Health and Development Center, a multi-disciplinary research and teaching department in the School of Medicine with the College of Health Sciences at Makerere University.

Current position
Senior Lecturer and Head of Child Health and Development Centre
University affiliation
Makerere University, Kampala


Herbert’s research is focused on exploring, developing and testing transformative interventions to build HIV prevention services and lifelong HIV care. The goal is to explore the social dimensions of resilience, and to develop and test culturally-safe, strengths-based, trauma-informed, and technology-enhanced (CSTT) interventions among marginalized populations. He is also working on disability and its relation to transport and reproductive health technologies.


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