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Article or Chapter

  • Thelen, Tatjana (2003) "'The New Power of Old Men': Privatisation and Family Relations in Mesterszállás (Hungary)." in The Anthropology of East Europe Review: Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Eurasia 21 (2): 15-23.
  • Thelen, Tatjana (2003) "Are the kuláks back? Inherited Capital and Social Continuity in Mesterszállás, Hungary." in Distinct Inheritances: Property, Family and Community in a Changing Europe , edited by Hannes Grandits and Patrick Heady, 329-346. Münster: Lit.
  • Thelen, Tatjana (2003) "'The son of a fox is a fox, the son of a dog a dog': Forms of capital and local perception of success in a Hungarian village." in Breaking the wall: Representing anthropology and anthropological representations in post-communist Eastern Europe , edited by Viorel Anastasioae, 205-228. Cluj-Napoca: EFES.

Book or Edited Volume

  • Thelen, Tatjana (2003) "Privatisierung und soziale Ungleichheit in der osteuropäischen Landwirtschaft: Zwei Fallstudien aus Ungarn und Rumänien." Frankfurt a.M., New York: Campus.