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Article or Chapter

  • Nguyen, Vinh-Kim (2005) "Uses and pleasures: Sexual modernity, hiv/aids and confessional technologies in a West African metropolis." in Sex in Development , edited by Vincanne Adams and Stacey Leigh Pigg. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • Thelen, Tatjana (2005) "Violence and social (dis)continuity: Comparing collectivization in two East European villages." in Social History 30 (1): 25-44.
  • Thelen, Tatjana (2005) "Caring Grandfathers: Changes in Support between Generations in East Germany." in Generations, Kinship and Care: Gendered Provisions of Social Security in Central Eastern Europe , edited by Haldis Haukanes and Frances Pine, 163-188. Bergen: Universit├Ąt Bergen.
  • Redfield, Peter (2005) "Foucault in the Tropics: Displacing the Panopticon." in Anthropologies of modernity: Foucault, governmentality and life politics , edited by Jonathan Xavier Inda, 50-79. Malden: Blackwell Books.
  • Redfield, Peter (2005) "Doctors, Borders and Life in Crisis." in Cultural Anthropology 20 (3): 328-361.

Book or Edited Volume

  • Turner, Bertram (2005) "Asyl und Konflikt. Von der Antike bis heute: Rechtsethnologische Untersuchungen." Berlin: Reimer Verlag.