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Christof studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and China Studies at the University of Vienna, Tianjin University and Renmin University of China. Since 2011, he has conducted more than 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork in the People’s Republic of China.

As predoctoral researcher at the University of Vienna (2013-2017) and as fellow at the ZiF-Research Group ‘Kinship and Politics’ at Bielefeld University (2017) he wrote his doctoral thesis “Performing State Boundaries: A Stategraphy of Citizen Participation in China” (2018). Bringing the concept of boundary work from science and technology studies to the anthropology of the state and adding a focus on performance, he studies civic initiatives that promote ecological agriculture as well as the bureaucratic administration of state assistance for the poor.

Besides political anthropology, his research interests are in economic anthropology, the anthropology of development, as well as in kinship studies. Recently, China’s ‘National GeneBank’ and ‘Precision Medicine Initiative’ deepened his interest in the anthropology of science, technology and medicine. Since 2019 he is postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Science, Technology and Society Studies at the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt, working on questions of belonging and difference in the case of genomics and precision medicine in Asia.

Current position
Postdoctoral Researcher
University affiliation
Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt


Currently, Christof is preparing a research project at the intersection of anthropological studies of science, kinship, medicine and economy. He tackles questions of belonging and difference in the case of genomics and precision medicine in Asia. Looking at China’s ‘National GeneBank’ and ‘Precision Medicine Initiative’, the project asks which tensions emerge and how they are negotiated when ‘national’ genomes are produced for ‘individualised’ medicine in global networks of science.

Christof is also working on a book manuscript based on his dissertation ‘Performing State Boundaries’. His doctoral project deals with the question of how state boundaries are performed in participatory rural development efforts in Sichuan Province in China.


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