Julien McHardy

Julien McHardyFormer Member

Julien is working across several fields bringing his design and social science background to projects that combine hands-on design work with more explicitly theoretical considerations.

His PhD study ‘On electric bikes, An Ethnography in Motion,’ investigated electric bicycles as distributed global objects through a multi-sited ethnography of German and Taiwanese manufacturers. His more recent work on re-appropriating collage as a concept and tool for thinking about objects that intimately cut together worlds that do not go together easily can be seen as a continuation of this project.

Beside his continuing academic work Julien co-runs the design agency Five Ninety Design. In his function as design strategist he works for the design innovation agency Actant and with the design research group Being and Dying. As an editor Julien is setting up the new academic open access publisher Mattering Press. And as a designer and producer he contributes to several exhibition projects. The overarching interest that holds his diverse practice together is in (inventive) methods that can provide new ways of forging collectives, objects and collaborations.

He is a freelance researcher, editor, designer, strategist and cultural producer. He received his Master’s (2008) in Transformation Design from the Glasgow School of Art and a PhD (2013) in Science and Technology Studies from Lancaster University. In 2015 he held a visiting fellowship at Leuphana University.


For his current work see his website.


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