Living in a forest landscape (Completed Project)

Laura Matt

This project engages with different readings of the Northern Sierra Leonean landscape by examining how farming, hunting and logging practices relate to scientific accounts of forest loss.

Civil Drones in Africa (COMPLETED PROJECT)

René Umlauf

Based on the increasing use of civil drones, this project examines new spatial formats that emerge through the development, testing and translation of new technical infrastructures in Africa.

Performing State Boundaries (Completed Project)

Christof Lammer

This project investigates how boundaries between state, civil society and kinship are performed in participatory rural development projects in Sichuan Province, China.

Project-based Regional Structural Development: Migrant Organizations in Halle (Saale), Germany

Ronn Müller

Ronn Müller

Science at the Ugandan Parliament (Completed Project)

Kerry Holden

This project explores evidence regimes in parliamentary deliberations in Uganda and asks how new epistemic orders emerge to influence political decision-making.

Religion and Trust in Biomedicine (Completed Project)

Sylvanus Spencer (1963-2021)

This project investigates how religious beliefs and practices influenced trust in biomedical measures prescribed during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

Digital Imaginaries (Completed Project)

Julien McHardy, Richard Rottenburg

Project Intro Articulating digital technologies and Africa together is an opportunity to reevaluate the dominant imaginaries that shape contemporary digital practices. That at least is our starting premise. To put it to the test, we invite artists and writers to Dakar, Johannesburg and Karlsruhe....

Curriculum Development (Completed Project)

Richard Rottenburg, René Umlauf, Herbert Muyinda, Keith Breckenridge

A major goal of this project is the publication of an open access series of edited volumes with case studies examining social transformations where science and technology play an important role in African contexts.

Ghana’s Biometric Population Register (Completed Project)

Alena Thiel

In the emerging field of biometric identity registration, much is known about the potential of established e-ID programs for improving living conditions of people in the developing world, but also about these projects’ contingencies, inefficiencies and unintended consequences. Yet, despite its ar...

Concerning issues: Making things political in Durban (Completed Project)

Eva Riedke

Currently, Eva is working on turning her thesis into a book and re-writing individual chapters into articles. The thesis focused on ‘issue’ politics and processes of ‘issue-ification’ unfolding in Durban, South Africa. Pursuing an STS and pragmatist-inspired approach, she has been concerned with ...

The Emergence of Global Taxpayers (Completed Project)

Johanna Mugler

This project explores transnational legal and fiscal expert networks and the organisational environments in which they negotiate international tax norms, rules and standards for an increasingly digitalized global economy.

Customary and International Law: Peacebuilding in the Sudan

Philippe Gout

Philippe’s research investigates transnational legal pluralism in the context of international peacebuilding. Drawing on the critique of the neoliberal turn in the realist theory of international law (Dezalay & Garth, 2002; Slaughter, 2004; Mattei, 2008), Philippe deconstructs the peacebuildi...

Kinship and Politics (Completed Project)

Tatjana Thelen, Christof Lammer

At the moment Tatjana is interested in the historical development of knowledge production on kinship and its linkages to policy development. Together with colleagues from history, she initiated with Prof. Erdmute Alber the research group on Kinship and Politics: Rethinking a Conceptual Split and ...

Date Palm Production and Socio-Economic Changes Along the Nile in Northern Sudan (Completed Project)

Enrico Ille

Enrico currently studies supply chains involving date production (Phoenix dactylifera) along the Nile in northern Sudan. Date production has long been an essential part of the local population’s livelihoods in this area. In 2013, national annual production was estimated by FAOSTAT at 437,853 tons...

Translating Global Health Technologies (Completed Project)

Richard Rottenburg, Uli Beisel, René Umlauf, Sung-Joon Park

During the second phase of our project we focused on the translation of global health technologies into new contexts. The trajectories of technologies were analysed as a bidirectional process affecting the users and simultaneously altering the technologies and their capacities on their way to bec...

Our Fellow Creatures (Completed Project)

Amy Field

Amy’s focus on the animal protection movement in Germany is on the generational, political, and moral dimensions of desires to change animals’ legal status. Her work centers on the implications of constitutional protections for animals for regulatory actors and farmers, and on the multiple unders...

Oil and Social Change in Niger and Chad (Completed Project)

Andrea Behrends

The project is designed as a second follow-up to the project “Significations of oil and social change in Niger and Chad” (2011-13 and 2013-2015). It carries the same title and aims at completing, supplementing, and further developing in empirical and theoretical scope the work and results of the ...

Adaptation and Creativity in Africa (Completed Project)

Richard Rottenburg, Andrea Behrends, René Umlauf, Uli Beisel, Ronn Müller, Sung-Joon Park, Siri Lamoureaux, Eva Riedke

This research programme examined the ways in which technologies and significations are entwined and untwined while they travel.

The Promise of Access to Justice in Rwanda (Completed Project)

Stefanie Bognitz

This PhD project has analyzed contemporary re-makings of legal institutions in Rwanda and considered repercussions of the aftermath of genocide and its legal redress. Currently Stefanie works on the publication of her dissertation.

Discourses and Practices of Crisis in the Egyptian Higher Education (Completed Project)

Daniele Cantini

This research project looked at the configurations of society, legitimacy, knowledge and power in Egypt, from the vantage point of the higher education sector, which Daniele Cantini has been researching since 2007. According to both local and international sources, the educational sector in Egypt...

Virtuous Language (Completed Project)

Siri Lamoureaux

This research looked at the language of a changing social and ethical order among new Christians in Sudan. It examined how identity and the gendered moral means to perform it in semiotic practice are realized through Christianity. Moro people from the Nuba Mountains overwhelmingly converted to Ch...

Trust in Medicine After the EVD Epidemic (Completed Project)

Sung-Joon Park, Uli Beisel, Lorenz Gosch, Sylvanus Spencer (1963-2021), Susan Erikson

The scale of the EVD epidemic in the West African countries has been unprecedented. Lack of trust in medicine has been identified as one of the major factors in the scientific literature, in media reports, and global health discourses, which accelerated the spread of EVD and posed a central chall...

Race/Trouble (Completed Project)

Katharina Schramm

This project inquires into race trouble and the reverberations of classificatory violence in contemporary political and scientific practices around human origins.

The Local Making of a South Sudanese State (Completed Project)

Timm Sureau

Timm’s research in Torit town in South Sudan is on the continuous construction and reconstruction of the state, but also examines features of its structural endurance and perseverance. He shows how multiple ideas of a state are translated into local contexts, such as the necessity and functioning...