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  • Beisel, Uli and Carsten Wergin (2022) "Understanding multispecies mobilities: From mosquito eradication to coexistence." in Mosquitopia: The Place of Pests in a Healthy World , edited by Marcus Hall and Dan Tamïr, 32-46. London: Routledge.
  • Moradi, Fazil (2022) "The Political and Juridical Erasure of Yari and Yarsanians in Iran and Iraq." in Yari Religion in Iran , edited by S. Behnaz Hosseini, 1-12. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. →
  • Turner, Bertram and Melanie G. Wiber (2022) "Legal Pluralism and Science and Technologies Studies: Exploring Sources of the Legal Pluriverse." in Science, Technology, & Human Values.
  • Ille, Enrico (2022) "Brothers, arrivals, refugees: South Sudanese as subjects of naming and reporting practices in Sudan’s humanitarian sector." in Diaspora 22 (1). →