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  • Thelen, Tatjana and Astrid Baerwolf (2008) "Traditionalisierung in der Flexibilisierung: Familiäre Arbeitsteilung in Ostdeutschland." in Flexibilisierung: Folgen für Arbeit und Familie , edited by Marc Szydlik, 275-294. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.
  • Komey, Guma Kunda (2008) "The denied land rights of the indigenous peoples and their endangered livelihood and survival: The case of the Nuba of the Sudan." in Ethnic and Racial Studies 31 (5): 991-1008.
  • Redfield, Peter (2008) "Vital Mobility and the Humanitarian Kit." in Biosecurity Interventions: Global Health and Security in Question , edited by A. Lakoff and S. Collier, 147-171. New York: Columbia University Press.
  • Langwick, Stacey (2008) "Articulate(d) Bodies: Traditional Medicine in a Tanzanian Hospital." in American Ethnologist 35: 428-439.
  • Holden, Kerry, and David Demeritt (2008) "Democratising Science? The politics of promoting biomedicine in Singapore’s developmental state." in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 26 (1): 68-86.